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How a dishonest factory cheats the inspector designated by the buyer in a Final Random Inspection in China?

Regarding Final Random Inspection in China, I must say that now fewer and fewer factories play games with inspectors during inspections. But there are always some in China,who are not honest enough, and want to cheat the inspector and influence the inspection result. Before the final random inspection in China A Final Random Inspection in China requires the inspector counts the packed cartons numbers, based which selects the cartons at random. If the factory does not finish the required cartons(for example [...]

Final Random Inspection in China

The final random inspection is far and away the foremost well-known quality control service ( Please view the major forms of quality control services). It is appropriate for nearly every kind of commodity purchased in Asia. The final inspection report is often utilized by the buyer to authorize cargo and trigger payment. When to conduct a final random inspection? It takes place at the top of production. The total cargo amount ought to be finished and offered for sampling. Packing ought to be nearly (at least 80%) [...]