During Production Check

What is a During Production Check (DUPRO)?

During Production Check is widely used in the inspection process. When the production starts, AiT will check the quality of raw materials, components and the first few finished units. This service ensures that appropriate production techniques will be used. The DUPRO will highlight any non-conformity, thus permits timely correction and improvements before the bulk of production are initiated. The packaging materials and all labelings and markings may also be checked at this stage if available.The DUPRO should be carried out when approximately 10%-30% of the merchandise has been produced (minimum 32 pieces).

The advantage of DUPRO:

1) Defects could be found and at the early stage, so the importers can discuss with the exporters, to find the solution at least cost, which could reduce the possibility of commercial dispute significantly;

2) If the defects are found, the supplier has more time to correct or replace, so it could help the importer to avoid the problem of delay of delivery;

during production check
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With AiT, we help you to protect your sales revenue by helping to prevent late shipments, poor quality, wasted materials or empty shelves.

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