Inspection Service Price & Payment

Inspection Service Price List:

Product inspection service price: US$198 per man-day

Factory audits:USD398 per audit

Lab testing: against the testing parameters, send us more info.

Project inspections: project by project, send us more info.

Our inspection service prices are very reasonable and competitive.

All Quotations are subject to confirmation by hotel and travelling expenses (hotel charge US$39 per night, travelling charge is subject to the most economic and quick method available). These are AiT standard fees. If an inspection requires more than 1 man-day, our company will confirm the number of man-days together with hotel and travelling expenses with you before the inspection takes place.

Our company will issue a Pro forma invoice upon the receiving of information. Then you may pay the inspection fees. Usually we require the payment done before the inspection. But if the first inspection you want to try our services, you can effect the payment after you have received our inspection report.