Factory Audits

China factory audits are frequently required by product importer. AiT factory audits are the best way to evaluate your potential supplier’s reliability and capabilities and quality level – before you place your first order.

Types of China Factory Audits:

1. Factory evaluation;

2. QA system evaluation;

3. Ethical evaluation;

4. Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism evaluation (C-TPAT);

Manufacturing Audits allow you to accurately assess the capabilities of a manufacturer before placing an order , on the basis of our report, you can decide whether the factory is suitable for your products and business or not.

Clients decide what features will be assessed. AiT performs factory audits among these main categories :

Supplier Code of Conduct:

Health and Safety

Technical Capability

Quality control system

Communication, Documentation control

The following are examples of some of the aspects that may be evaluated in the factory audit(this list is not exhaustive) :

Number of employees / workers in the production process

Skills of workers

Different machines, how many assembly lines available

Ensuring the ability of the factory to manufacture the products that clients request

Structure of the factory as well as identification of the owner of the factory

Social accountability standards assessment such as child labour, working hours, disciplinary practices.

china factory audits