Our Services

Quality control inspection services are AiT dedicated to do. Our services cover consumer products and industry products. Consumer products inspection including soft line inspection, hard line inspection, Food inspection and electrical appliance inspection.

Quality Control Inspection Services for Consumer Products

Softline inspection:

Apparel inspection, Garment inspection, Textile Goods inspection, Bag inspection, Umbrella inspection, Footwear inspection, Mobile/Cell phone bags & cases inspection, Protective cover, Mobile phone shell inspection, Shopping bags inspection, Promotional bags inspection, Cap & Hat inspection, Scarf inspection

Hardline inspection:

Ceramics inspection, Porcelain inspection, Glassware inspection, Resin ornament inspection, Iron arts and crafts inspection, Sundries inspection,Giftwares, Housewares and Homewares Inspection, Giftwares inspection, Helmet inspection

Food inspection

Electrical Appliance inspection

Quality Control Inspection Services for Industry Products

Chemical Products Inspection, Stone Products inspection, Rubber products inspection, Metal parts inspection, Aluminium alloy parts inspection, Aluminium foil inspection

Project inspection

Machine Validation

AiT is dedicate to make innovations for the methods of inspection and testings. Their inspection and testing items are list above but not limited to them. If you have any designed and created new items to be tested, inspected and quality controled in China. You are welcome to discuss with us.

quality control inspection services