Lace fabric inspection

Lace is a fabric that consists of a decorative design created with threads or yarns in a net-like, open background. Lace fabric inspection should consider both the quality of decorative design and background fabric. Decorative design must be whole in good shape, while background fabric must be secured.

Lace fabric types

Two basic types of lace include Leavers lace and Nottingham lace.

Leavers lace is the fine lace made on the Leavers Lace machine and is usually used for apparel.

Lace fabric is decorative ‘openwork’ fabric with sensitive uses of spaces and solids. It is a classic, feminine fabric that looks beautiful in both day and evening wear. But it is usually the finest and most intricate fabric.

Nottingham lace features large designs and rough texture, used frequently for tablecloths.

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