How to amend the colour of logo print?

When the colour of logo print does not meet client’s requirement, what shall the apparel factory do?

Overlapping logo print

What they try to do is, making a heat transfer logo, putting it on the previous logo, pressing it with heat pressure, then the logo is transfered onto the fabric to overlap the original orangeish one. But I found the reprint colour was not correct yet. It was white with blueish, and the surface of the reprinted logo appears slightly difference, although it is reflective effect. More than that, The font seems bold than the original one. I am also worried about the colourfastness to wash of the print will be affected.  Although the factory says they are still trying to reprint it this way, they can match the colour better and make the font a little bit slim as the original one.

I am not optimistic about this way as the quantity is many. When the worker operates the heat transferring process, the position must be exactly correct. Any tiny movement will make the logo seem worse. And there are 2 logos of them, one on chest and the other on back. Any one of the logo is worse, then the jacket is a defective. So the risk of this operation is big.

logo print

Keeping logo print as it is

I have compared them carefully once more, the original print is in good reflective, better than the approved one. Reflective makes shining, in different direction, it appears different colour. My suggestion is, you have good shipment sample as well as bad shipment sample on hand, you can re-evaluate the colour shade variation of logos, considering accept this shipment with some conditions, or persuade the client to accept it.

By the way, one of the possible reasons is, the dyestuff of the fabric transferred to the printing stuff during the solidifying time of print. This happens under some conditions.


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