Does Quality Inspection Services focus on quality issues only?

Does quality inspection services focus on quality issues only? Normally we answer this question “yes”. But quality inspection services is  definitely a generalized concept, rather than a simple answer.  AiT , providing quality inspection services, has been over 25 years.

Ususally our quality inspection services include:

  1. Shipment delivery date:  As our inspection report shows the production status on. The client can know if the shipment date is in conformity to or not the contract; Our inspector can also evaluate the shipment date if the inspection is DUPRO.
  2. workmanship of production: Based on sampling plan in AQL, we check all these samples one by one and record all defects found in these samples.
  3. We also mention other aspects such as labeling, packing, assortment… in our report, to help the client to decide.
  4. Correction plan: If the result is NOT good, we usually talk about the correction plan with the supplier on behalf of the client. This greatly helps to improve the quality of shipment while the inspection result was not good.

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