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How to do printing quality control in fashion industry?

Printing quality control is a very important processing in fashion industry. According to printing method and printing effect, there are mainly sublimation printing, daystuff printing and pigment printing. How to do printing quality control for these kinds of printing? Sublimation printing, also called heat transfer printing, usually used in digital printing. This printing is very quick for sampling, but the equipment is expensive. As the patterns are printing onto surface of transfer paper or fabric, how to mix colours of “ink” [...]

How to Manage Quality Control in Your Small Business

To manage quality control is not as difficult as people think it is, and it saves you a lot of time and money later on. Every company, regardless of how small you are or what trade you’re in, can benefit from Quality Control. How can you begin implementing QC initiatives in your small company? Read this article to find out. Why you should manage quality control? Traditionally, tiny organizations are less seemingly to utilize strategic management models and strategic designing ideas than giant organizations for [...]

Quality Assurance and Quality Control — What you need to know

We usually need to explain what the distinction between quality assurance and quality control  is. The most effective is for us to write down an article concerning it. Here is a short version for quality assurance and quality control: QA = all the activities that aim at making sure an certain level of quality. It includes process what the requirement are + putting in place a correct management system + QC. QC = only the activities that comprises checking whether conformity is [...]

The Important Role of Quality Control in Business

Why quality control is Important in Businees? Quality control, also called QC, is important to any business. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling product or services, the worth of those things are all determined by their quality. Scan on to search out regarding the role of QC in mordern business, and why it’s important to success. Without a quality control plan, producing businesses would merely manufacture product, package them, and ship them. However, one of the largest issues any business will [...]

Quality Control Inspections: Why some Points aren’t Checked on All Samples

When it involves random quality control inspections (usually conducted supported AQL tables), the inspector should check a particular range of items. Maybe, if there are 5,000 items within the whole batch, he/she should check two hundred items (in traditional severity, level II). If the check was properly ready, the inspector has checkpoints to follow. However, will it mean that these points ought to be checked on all samples? This is sometimes not realistic. Let’s take an example: a check of a [...]

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control are two closely related concepts. And since of that close relationship they’re usually confused. And one is unsuiteable used as a substitute for the opposite. 2 concepts of Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control Quality Assurance could be a method targeted construct, wherever the processes are put in place to make sure the proper steps are done in the proper approach. If the proper processes are in place there’s some assurance that the particular results can end up evidently. Quality Control could be [...]

How To Conduct Quality Control in China With Your Suppliers

In the past few years, some cases of poor quality control in China have raised question regarding how foreign firms can make sure that product they buy from China meet their requirements. Whereas Chinese firms typically manufacture products that are safe, it’s still essential that foreign firms conduct to ensure quality from Chinese suppliers. Here are some steps to ensure quality control in China when working with Chinese suppliers. 1) Visit the Factory personally for quality control in China To visit the producing site you would like to purchase from is first step of quality control [...]