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Quality Control Inspections: Why some Points aren’t Checked on All Samples

When it involves random quality control inspections (usually conducted supported AQL tables), the inspector should check a particular range of items. Maybe, if there are 5,000 items within the whole batch, he/she should check two hundred items (in traditional severity, level II). If the check was properly ready, the inspector has checkpoints to follow. However, will it mean that these points ought to be checked on all samples? This is sometimes not realistic. Let’s take an example: a check of a [...]

3 Important QC Inspections At Different Production Stages

Many importers tend to focus on the final pre-shipment QC inspections only. However, there are several different QC inspections touch points along the production cycle. Here are 3 important QC inspections at different production stages: 1)Incoming materials/components check (at the factory) The sub-supplier delivers the material, or the steel rods, or the PCBA, or another style of component that’s key to making a good product. Does one let the assembly factory cut it, weld it, or otherwise embed it into the final product? A common problem in China is that the [...]