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6 tips for full inspection

With the development of online stores, especially Amazon’s, more and more clients require a third party inspection company to perform full inspection(100% inspection) for their purchasing. Because the returning rate due to quality affects the business and reputation. As a result effects the comments. So what are the tips for full inspection? 6 tips for full inspection Full inspection can not take place of the QC inspection of the manufacturers and suppliers. In some cases, the factories have been informed that [...]

what is the significance of 100% inspection

When a client applies a 100% inspection for his or her purchasing, the most common question might be: Even after the inspection, is there a possibility that our customers might still receive defective pieces? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Then comes the other question, the order has been through 100% inspection, why is there still possibility defective found in it? First, some customers may be too picky/finicky. When he or she receives something that doesn’t seem to be exactly what he or she imagines, [...]