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How to make fishing face mask quality control?

  Wearing a fishing face mask is not only the protection from sun or wind, it is also becoming a fashion trend, especially during novel coronavirus epidemic. It is likely this will become a consumer customs even when post-epidemic comes. Therefore as a QC for fashions, knowing how to carry out fishing face mask quality control, seems a simple product, actually not at all, is more necessary than anytime before. First of all, we should know how it is made, what [...]

Fishing Face Mask Inspection

Fishing face mask inspection or fishing faceguard inspection is the same thing, refers to the inspection aspects to perform a visual inspection to fishing face masks or fishing faceguards. A fishing face mask is a simple garment worn on around head to protect wearer’s face getting hurt from sun and wind. It is not only a PPE but a fashion and popular among outdoor sporters. As you know, wearing fishing face masks has become a form of sun and wind [...]