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What are the limits of an during production control?

During production control has some limits as below: An during production control does not cover the average quality of final products. For example, in apparel industry the last process of products is cutting thread ends, it is arranged just before the packaging of products. Untrimmed thread ends is a common minor defects in the fashion filed, but a during production control could not find this. It is not enough in itself. A factory might identify some problems, hide them away from the [...]

What aspects are inspected during production check?

What aspects are inspected during production check? Naturally, the inspector verifies that production is taking place in the production lines. He/She can also ask for the updated production schedule. During production check can be failed for four reasons: Non-conformity to specs: All the relevant aspects of the product (quantity, components, assembly, aesthetics, function, size, labeling…) are controlled, based on the buyer’s requirements. Visual defectsbeyond AQL limits: Based on the sampling plan, the inspector selects and checks some products, and then he compares the number of defects to the AQL limits. Failed on-site test(s): Some simple tests [...]

Is During Production Inspection Necessary?

The during production inspection (or “DUPRO”) is that the second most frequent type of QC inspection, after the pre-shipment inspection(or “final random inspection”). Please view the list of the major types of quality controls. Why is the during production inspection typically necessary? Inspecting the products after production is finished is commonly too late. In some cases, an entire order is found unsellable just before shipment, and the manufacturer is unable to repair it. Re-ordering materials and re-producing would take a couple of months; and also the supplier refuses to do it for free. After some [...]