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10 tips for Apparel Measurement

What is the Apparel Measurement? Apparel Measurement: Accurate apparel measurement is a part of its quality and very important for apparel production. Correct measurements of apparels can also contribute towards saving production time and reducing production cost. Therefore, well known apparels manufacturing industry has an apparels measurement department. Here I will give you some guidelines about the apparel measurements, which may help you to understand how to measure an apparel. How to Measure an apparel: We now advise the following guidelines on the best ways to handle an apparel before and while [...]

Standard Measuring Positions for Apparel Products

The usage of standard measuring positions for apparel products is very important during the measurements inspection procedure. Because it will ensure avoiding of many mistakes and misunderstandings between suppliers and buyers. The most of the faults that appear in the measurements inspection process are result of the suppliers and buyers using different measuring positions. It will implicate giving different measuring results at both sides. In order to avoid this kind of problems, suppliers and customers need to use same standard [...]