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6 tips for full inspection

With the development of online stores, especially Amazon’s, more and more clients require a third party inspection company to perform full inspection(100% inspection) for their purchasing. Because the returning rate due to quality affects the business and reputation. As a result effects the comments. So what are the tips for full inspection? 6 tips for full inspection Full inspection can not take place of the QC inspection of the manufacturers and suppliers. In some cases, the factories have been informed that [...]

Why choose full inspection instead of random inspection?

In resent years, there is a trend that more and more importers whose suppliers in China have selected full inspection instead of random inspection. In the first place, the quality control seems higher when they chose this service, likely it is against the goal that reduce the quality control charges, and unreasonable. Full inspection is a choice But as retail business has changed a lot when Amazon or Taobao and Pinduoduo got more shares of it. And more individuals select to [...]