How To Conduct Quality Control in China With Your Suppliers

In the past few years, some cases of poor quality control in China have raised question regarding how foreign firms can make sure that product they buy from China meet their requirements. Whereas Chinese firms typically manufacture products that are safe, it’s still essential that foreign firms conduct to ensure quality from Chinese suppliers. Here are some steps to ensure quality control in China when working with Chinese suppliers. 1) Visit the Factory personally for quality control in China To visit the producing site you would like to purchase from is first step of quality control [...]

3 types of quality check service

Not like other inspection agencies, we summarize mainly 3 types of quality check service. To make service users an easier understanding of these tools, so that they can make wiser choices when there is a need for them.  Each one corresponds to a particular step in the production process. They are all part of the toolbox of every importer, when it comes to doing business with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, as well as other developing countries. The three types of quality check service (All [...]

What Does an Independent Inspection Service Mean?

What does  independent inspection service mean? Recently, I received an enquiry email from a client to ask many questions about inspection service. What impress me in his questions are his questions. It is normal for a client to have questions about inspection service and proceeding this service, but it is unique that a client asks so many questions about inspection theories to such a depth, that for some of which even some of service providers do not consider them. Here are our conversations [...]