How to begin operating with a testing company in China?

As an importer of comsumer goods, how to begin operating with a testing company in China? A lot of importers are tired with quality problems that went neglected. And that they want one thing must modification. One obvious thanks to contain problems is to envision quality before delivery. At same time, they’re afraid of surprising the manufacturer with a mark of distrust. They’re afraid everything goes downhill from there. Are you during this situation? Then this text about testing company in China is for you. 1. [...]

3 Important QC Inspections At Different Production Stages

Many importers tend to focus on the final pre-shipment QC inspections only. However, there are several different QC inspections touch points along the production cycle. Here are 3 important QC inspections at different production stages: 1)Incoming materials/components check (at the factory) The sub-supplier delivers the material, or the steel rods, or the PCBA, or another style of component that’s key to making a good product. Does one let the assembly factory cut it, weld it, or otherwise embed it into the final product? A common problem in China is that the [...]

How to conduct Garment Quality Control in China?

What is the garment quality control? Garment quality control is practiced right from the initial stage of  raw materials to the stage of finished garment. For textile and apparel industry product, we calculate quality in terms of quality and standard of fibers, yarns,fabric construction, color fastness, surface designs and the final finished garments. An important tool named “Quality Drill” is used to achieve good garment quality control in producing industry. The total processes of quality drill have mentioned in this article. Total Process of Quality Drill in Garment Quality [...]

What are the limits of an during production control?

During production control has some limits as below: An during production control does not cover the average quality of final products. For example, in apparel industry the last process of products is cutting thread ends, it is arranged just before the packaging of products. Untrimmed thread ends is a common minor defects in the fashion filed, but a during production control could not find this. It is not enough in itself. A factory might identify some problems, hide them away from the [...]

What aspects are inspected during production check?

What aspects are inspected during production check? Naturally, the inspector verifies that production is taking place in the production lines. He/She can also ask for the updated production schedule. During production check can be failed for four reasons: Non-conformity to specs: All the relevant aspects of the product (quantity, components, assembly, aesthetics, function, size, labeling…) are controlled, based on the buyer’s requirements. Visual defectsbeyond AQL limits: Based on the sampling plan, the inspector selects and checks some products, and then he compares the number of defects to the AQL limits. Failed on-site test(s): Some simple tests [...]

Is During Production Inspection Necessary?

The during production inspection (or “DUPRO”) is that the second most frequent type of QC inspection, after the pre-shipment inspection(or “final random inspection”). Please view the list of the major types of quality controls. Why is the during production inspection typically necessary? Inspecting the products after production is finished is commonly too late. In some cases, an entire order is found unsellable just before shipment, and the manufacturer is unable to repair it. Re-ordering materials and re-producing would take a couple of months; and also the supplier refuses to do it for free. After some [...]

In-process Quality Control

What is the in-process quality control? “In-process quality control” takes place thought the process of fabric products, garment products, or other products. This is also often referenced as “inline” inspections. As opposed to simply doing inspections after the completion of manufacturing. One of the keys to manufacturing good quality products is an in-process quality control program. Although it is possible to control your outgoing quality with a good final inspection, it is NOT recommended to simply rely on that way. Unless you have an effective in-process quality control program, your cost of repairs may [...]

How To Conduct Quality Control in China With Your Suppliers

In the past few years, some cases of poor quality control in China have raised question regarding how foreign firms can make sure that product they buy from China meet their requirements. Whereas Chinese firms typically manufacture products that are safe, it’s still essential that foreign firms conduct to ensure quality from Chinese suppliers. Here are some steps to ensure quality control in China when working with Chinese suppliers. 1) Visit the Factory personally for quality control in China To visit the producing site you would like to purchase from is first step of quality control [...]

3 types of quality check service

Not like other inspection agencies, we summarize mainly 3 types of quality check service. To make service users an easier understanding of these tools, so that they can make wiser choices when there is a need for them.  Each one corresponds to a particular step in the production process. They are all part of the toolbox of every importer, when it comes to doing business with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, as well as other developing countries. The three types of quality check service (All [...]

What Does an Independent Inspection Service Mean?

What does  independent inspection service mean? Recently, I received an enquiry email from a client to ask many questions about inspection service. What impress me in his questions are his questions. It is normal for a client to have questions about inspection service and proceeding this service, but it is unique that a client asks so many questions about inspection theories to such a depth, that for some of which even some of service providers do not consider them. Here are our conversations [...]