How to perform Product Packaging Inspection?

The purpose of product packaging is to protect the products. So product packaging inspection is to confirm it is appropriate for the intende use and stored under conditions to minimise the risk of contamination and deterioration. How to do product packaging inspection? 1. Confirm that if product packaging conforms to specification. 2. Assess that product packaging for fitness of purpose. 3. Product packaging should be free from staples and other items likely to cause product contamination. 4. Product packaging should be removed from outer [...]

How to do printing quality control in fashion industry?

Printing quality control is a very important processing in fashion industry. According to printing method and printing effect, there are mainly sublimation printing, daystuff printing and pigment printing. How to do printing quality control for these kinds of printing? Sublimation printing, also called heat transfer printing, usually used in digital printing. This printing is very quick for sampling, but the equipment is expensive. As the patterns are printing onto surface of transfer paper or fabric, how to mix colours of “ink” [...]

How to amend the colour of logo print?

When the colour of logo print does not meet client’s requirement, what shall the apparel factory do? Overlapping logo print What they try to do is, making a heat transfer logo, putting it on the previous logo, pressing it with heat pressure, then the logo is transfered onto the fabric to overlap the original orangeish one. But I found the reprint colour was not correct yet. It was white with blueish, and the surface of the reprinted logo appears slightly difference, [...]

Key factors to think about when choosing inspection agencies in China

When you surf the internet to find out the shortlist of inspection agencies in China, you’ll need to compare their services and offerings to find the best fit for your business. Here are some of the key factors to be considering when choosing inspection agencies: Price – Affordability is one of the most important factors to consider as this can affect your bottom line. However, it’s equally important to remember that cheap doesn’t necessarily represent value for money! If you pass [...]

How to check the general requirements of a company’s Quality management system?

Every company which produces consume products shall have a defined quality management system related to the standard that is established, documented, implemented, maintained, reviewed and where appropriate, improved. The company shall have identified the processes required for the implementation of an effective the system and determined the sequence and interaction of these processes. The company shall have identified the criteria and methods to ensure effective operation and control of these processes. Information relating to the support and monitoring of quality management system [...]

Apparel Inspections

For apparel inspections, today’s educated clients are targeted on buying apparels with the best balance of style, quality, and price. Clients’ awareness is making apparel inspections more important.  So AiT offers various apparel inspections according to clients’ individual request. Normally there are four stages for apparel inspections as follows: Raw material check, During production check, Finishing check, Final quality check. Here are more details about Apparel Inspections : Raw material inspection: A quality inspector should inspect various matters consistent with buyer’s orders. Yarn defects like thick and thin, Knitting [...]

What is going on for Gree and Aux?

  Gree claims through official weibo that Gree will purchase relevant air-conditioners produced by Aux without limitation through all chanels available . Test their quality in Gree’s own labs; Send to test in third inspection firm; Provide freely to any qualified inspection firms for testing. Gree welcomes the supervision and witnesses of  the whole sociaty and any inspection firm.

Third party testing of air conditioners

Gree Electric Appliances Inc has accused Aux Group of producing and selling substandard air conditioners. It seems this summer is heating by two air-conditioner manufacturers before the 6.18 shopping festival, which was created by e-commerce giant to celebrate its anniversary. From the announcements of both sides, we can see Gree has got enough evidences step by step, which shows they have prepared it with purposes, although they denied this themselves. So far, Gree has done 3 steps, to [...]

How does a garment factory do a line check for QC?

I have visited many garment factories. Basically they can be classed into five categories, accordingly to their line check quality control management: A line check manager goes up and down the rows of machine workers and check the bundle of work for any issues on make and stitch tensions. The line check manager waits until the end of the bundle of work before checking the work. The factory does have this kind of line inspection manager/QC check when clients are visiting it. [...]

How does a med size factory in Fashion Industry work in QC system?

How does a med size factory in fashion industry work in QC system? As most of our factories are med or small size factories, their QC system works like this: There is a line check manager, or called line head, or called group leader, whatever its name is, is usually the most experienced person in the work line. He/she takes the responsibility of the line, everything of it. So he is the busiest person and makes the most salary. The most [...]