How to inspect raspberry quality ?

How to inspect  raspberry quality ?

The inspector should check the quality accordingly with the received instruction.

Here is an example of instruction:

There is not foreign matter

The colour is regular red

Frozen raspberries are not blocked

The crumbed raspberries are not more than 20 %

raspberry quality inspection steps

Therefore the inspector should carry out the inspection as per following steps:

1)    count the cartons in the cold storage that the total quantity is in conformity to the order.

2)   select at least 10 cartons from different places randomly and have workers help to take them out from cold store to a  room  with temperature about 5-10C,  and at this room there should be an inspection table and the scales,  where it is possible to put out the raspberry  and arrange separating crumble from whole.

3)   Choose one inner pack of raspberries, unpack it and separate the crumbled from whole raspberries.

4)  Then weigh the crumble one and whole ones, record the result then put all raspberries back to inner pack and the carton.

5) repeat step 3 and step 4 for all selected cartons.  And take photos for all process.

In case if there will be founded some defects or quality will be founded with not in accordance with the requirements, send photos and comments to the client immediately.  They will need to discuss with the supplier how to resolve the appeared problem.

And in case if everything will be ok with the checking of the quality then ask the approval of loading the container(s), perform loading supervision accordingly.

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