How to carry out Premium Backpack Inspection?

Based on normal backpack inspection(such as promotion backpack inspection), premium backpack inspection requires larger sample size  for inspection, stricter standard for defects allowance (stricter AQLs for Major and Minor defects) and more technical requirements for backpack products.

Unless otherwise instructed, AiT uses the Single Sampling Plan Normal Level III (according to the ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 standard). This is generally the strengthened inspection requirement for products manufactured in China. It is also the most widely accepted sampling method by every industrial company for premium products.

The AQLs for premium backpack are usually AQL 0 for critical defects, AQL 1.5 for major defects and AQL 2.5 for minor defects, unless otherwise instructed.

Outside of premium backpack inspection

  1. Integrity of the fabric: Check for any damages or holes, nor any needle holes.
  2. Stitching: Check the stitching is strong and does not break when pulled. Check no lose stitches.
  3. Zips: Check all zips are strong and do not break. So you have to check they glide smoothly for all compartment of bag, front, top, sides and back.
  4. Zip head: Check the zip heads are strongly hooked onto the zip base and the zip head does not come lose or breaks when pulled. Check each zip head has logo on it.
  5. Check there are no marks nor tears on bag.
  6. Inspect that the bag is clean throughout.
  7. Check logo is stitched on correctly on the right position of the bag.
  8. Check the removable backpack straps attach onto bag correctly and don’t come off or break when pulled.
  9. Front compartment: Check presence of key ring and that it is working.
  10. Top front compartment: Check the inner pockets are all correct and make sure the pen slots can fit two pens at least.
  11. Side compartment: Check there is empty space for extra storage.
  12. Expandable compartment: Check the zip works fully around the circumference of the bag.
  13. Side handle: Check for secure stitching and put load into bag and use side handle, ensure it does not break and stitch does not break.
  14. Waterproof: Check for waterpro of feature for whole bag.
  15. Smell: Check there is no odour for the backpack.

Inside of premium backpack inspection

  1. Main Compartment: Check slots are correctly placed for pens and other storage.
  2. Overall quality: Check there is no lose material or stitching. Check there are no tears in materials.
  3. Smell: Check there is no smell.
  4. RFID pocket: Check RFID feature is working. Check the zip is functional and does not break.
  5. Laptop compartment: Check this compartment is included and that the Velcro is working.

Laptop Sleeve of premium backpack inspection

  1. Size: Check it fits the laptop compartment in the Backpack. Check Sleeve is big enough for 15inch laptop – use a 15-inch laptop to fit.
  2. Material: Should be vegan leather. Check there are no marks, tears or lose stitching.
  3. Logo: Check logo is embossed correctly on the right position of bag.
  4. Smell: Check there is no smell.

Load & comfort test of premium backpack inspection

  1. Fill the backpack fully. Check there is no break of back straps or side straps with full load. Check the overall shape of backpack is good. You can fill the backpack fully with books to test.
  2. Check the bag is comfortable on wearing it on back.

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