Leather Shoes Inspection

Leather shoes Inspection service is one of quality control service AiT offers for the clients all over the world.

Leather shoes are made out of different types of leather depending on the shoe. The quality of the shoe is often based on many things including the type of leather used. The main types of leather that shoes are made of are calfskin, veal, full grain side leather, nubuck, kidskin ,pigskin as well as artificial leather PU, PE, PVC etc. When you perform the inspection for leather shoes, the defect classification should be bear in mind as following aspects

Defect Classification for Leather Shoes Inspection


Defect description Major Minor
Colour stain (>5mm,<5mm) X X
Ball point pen marks X
Glue stains  >5mm X
Mildew/moss X
Water marks X

Holes, cuts

Defect description Major Minor
Material damaged X
Thin parts, holes and scars in leather, affecting quality X
Scratches on leather (>5mm,<5mm) X X
Pin holes (>2 stitches,<2 stitches) X X

Buttons, buckles, press studs, eyelets, rivets, breads and other accessories

Defect description Major Minor
Press studs difficult to fasten X
Missing or badly fitted buckles, defectives X
Missing or badly fitted eyelets X
Deformed shape of eyelets X
Colour change of metal accessories X
Sharp points on metal accessories X
Discolour of beards X
Misplaced of eyelets X

Zip fastners/ mechanical

Defect description Major Minor
Faulty zips X
Stiff zip action X
Incorrect length of zip X
Colour differs from reference sample X
Crocked zip X

Emblems, trimmings, edgings, etc.

Defect description Major Minor
Differs from reference sample X
Badly fitted X
Poor sewing of decoration trimmings X

Open seams

Defect description Major Minor
Zip seams X
Decorative seams, pipings X
Lining seams X
Instep seams X
Toe cap seams X
Heel seams X
Welt seams X
Seams on elasticated parts X

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