How to check garments hems?

Hem is an edge made by folding back the margin of cloth and sewing it down. Or the edge or border of a garment, drape, etc., especially at the bottom is called hem, according to definition of dictionary. Hems are usually at the end or bottom of garments parts like body, leg or cuff. Garments hems inspection is the inspection at the hemming parts of garments to make good quality garments. However, hems are easy with problems and obvious to see.

Garments Hems Inspection

  • Hems must be even, with no raw edges.
  • Sleeves and bottoms must be hemmed last, so that side seams and sleeve inseam seams do not show on the outside of the garment.
  • No roping is allowed.
  • Blind hem stitching must not be open more than 3 cm.
  • Both sides of hems should be checked.
    Garments Hems Inspection -Blind Hem Stitch

    Garments Hems Inspection -Blind Hem Stitch

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