Garments Buckles Inspection, Garments Toggles inspection, Garments Hook & Eye Inspection

Garments Toggles inspection is the inspection of garments Buckles, snaps, toggles and hook & eye of garments that takes during production of garments. As a result, Garments Toggles inspection can reduce the defective finished garments percentage. Here common garments closures are zipper, toggle, button, Velcro, drawstring, snaps, buckle, hook and eye, lace, and safety pin.

Garments Toggles inspection

  • Buckles, snaps, toggles and hook & eye must be checked for sharp edges and sharp points.
  • Buckles, snaps, toggles and hook & eye must never break or disassemble.
  • Buttons, buckles, snaps, toggles and hook & eye fitting completely within the small parts testing cylinder are considered small parts and must withstand 90 N pull force test.
  • Both the attachment of the detail, and all parts of the detail itself should be tested.
    toggles garments inspection

    Common garments closures

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