How to make Garment Interfacing Inspection?

Garment interfacing inspection is one step in During Production Check of quality control. It is a necessary step to make good quality garments. Because garment interfacing is widely used on all collars, cuffs, plackets and waistbands for garments such as shirts, blouses, jackets, trousers. Unless otherwise specified, any interfacing missing is a major defect. How to control its quality, how to make garment interfacing inspection?

Garment interfacing inspection-checklist

These points must be inspected unless otherwise specified when an inspector makes garment interfacing inspection in Dupro.

Interfacing must be compatible with shell fabric in weight and shrinkage. Otherwise, the interfacing will cause the shell fabric  wrinkle or puckering.

Interfacing must have required softness or rigidity as per reference sample’s.

To feel or touch by hand if it lies flat and not bubble, especially after washing and ironing.

It must not show through on the right side of the garment, therefore its colour usually is white or light colour.

garment interfacing inspection makes placket aligned

interfacing makes placket aligned

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