How to do printing quality control in fashion industry?

Printing quality control is a very important processing in fashion industry. According to printing method and printing effect, there are mainly sublimation printing, daystuff printing and pigment printing.

How to do printing quality control for these kinds of printing?

Sublimation printing, also called heat transfer printing, usually used in digital printing. This printing is very quick for sampling, but the equipment is expensive. As the patterns are printing onto surface of transfer paper or fabric, how to mix colours of “ink” is the key aspect of good quality printing;

Second is dyestuff printing, sampling is slow and cost is high, usually for large quantity. Dyestuff paste is the key step for this printing, if you want a good quality printing;

Third is Pigment printing, also have auto machine printing for large quantity and manual table printing for small quantity or panel printing. The choice of crosslinking is key for good printing, as it relates to colourfastness.

By the way, sometimes we can combine these printing methods for special effect. For example, grey fries printing for Deliveroo base layer, there are sublimation printing and pigment printing at the same time. But the Pigment printing is manual table printing, which quality is not stable at all. The best way is auto machine printing.

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