How to check the general requirements of a company’s Quality management system?

Every company which produces consume products shall have a defined quality management system related to the standard that is established, documented, implemented, maintained, reviewed and where appropriate, improved.

  1. The company shall have identified the processes required for the implementation of an effective the system and determined the sequence and interaction of these processes.
  2. The company shall have identified the criteria and methods to ensure effective operation and control of these processes.
  3. Information relating to the support and monitoring of quality management system shall be available to relevant personnel at all times.
  4. The company shall ensure that the effectiveness of the quality management system is monitored, that there is continuous monitoring and analysis of the processes and where necessary shall implement action to achieve defined results and continual improvement.

Check points of quality management system

The auditor shall check out all these general requirements of the system in practice. Each point is key. Any lack of them need to be improved with confirmed plan.

Quality Management system 

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