How to find a good clothing inspector?

How to find a good clothing inspector? An America clothing company I know the boss for years. He admires my experience and expertise in clothing inspection but complain the cost till he got the comparison one time. He hired an inspector to carry out the pre-shipment inspection and received the report in time. The result was overall failed with major defects within but minor defects exceeding 2 of them, most of the minor defects are untrimmed thread ends, dirty stain and something like that. As he had received shipment samples earlier he suspected the inspection result. Then he thought of me and hired me to do a second inspection.

When he received my report he sent me the first report for me to look at. He told me there indeed be huge difference between expertise inspections and un-expertise inspections, or say a real inspection and a false inspection. My inspection result was failed too, but the main reason was Major defects as size problems, shape problems and makes(although there were many untrimmed thread ends). It was one of the worst product that I have ever inspected. But from the first inspect report it seemed quite good although it was with the“failing” result.

So these three things may help you find a good clothing inspector

  1. The inspector should understand clothing quality, apparel process, not every clothing inspector really knows clothing;
  2. Compare his/her inspection report with shipment samples in every details. If you have any points which are not clear, ask him/her;
  3. Observe the overall inspection report.  Does it focus on quality, or seems like to focus on quality, that is of big inspector

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