Apparel Inspection Services in the whole process

What are the main questions during apparel inspection services?What are the apparel industry main process? Apparel importers usually have below questions for different stages.

1)      When will you send quality fabric samples for approval?

2)      When will bulk lab dips be sent for choosing?

3)      When will you send all printed and embroidery logos for approvals?

4)      Please confirm date for main label and care label visual for approval? Can you give me the content of main label and care label firstly?

5)       When will bulk fabrics and trims be ready?

6)       We need to see 1 meter of all fabrics – please confirm date of when you can send this.

7)        When can you send 1st  pp sample from bulk fabric and trims – can be 1st samples from production line or made in sample room?

8)        Bulk fabrics cutting date?

9         Send final samples made from mass production in bulk packing (this is our shipping sample).

10)      When Printing will begin?

11)      Embroidery will begin?

12)     When will be Sewing starting?

13)      Shipping info to be sent?

14)      Send detailed packing list on?

15)     When  Packing starts?

16)      Bulk ready date ?

17)      Delivery date?

As you can see, above questions may be the questions when an apparel importer starts to do business with a new apparel exporter. These will be concerns too, when it comes to apparel inspection services, as the quality control inspection services should cover the whole process of apparel industry.

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