What Are 3rd Party Inspections?

For the 3rd party inspections, some are very familiar with it, whereas others may still have many questions in mind. This post will tell you what 3rd party inspections involve and what corporations might gain from them. A Third Party Inspection, or TPI, is that the term used for independent impartial inspection services. Normally it’s provided by a certified company.


There are 3 common styles of inspections out there. Initial party inspections are performed by the makers themselves on their own. Second party inspections are performed by the buyers’ in-house quality team.

3rd party inspections are conducted by an independent company. Sometimes employed by the buyer, in order to make sure that all merchandise are up to the required quality standard. And therefore the producing process itself meets the international standards in term of quality management system (ISO 9001), social acceptable practices (SA 8000) and environmental management (ISO 14000).


One of the benefits of 3rd party inspections is that the inspectors conducting TPIs are unbiased by either side. And they might therefore deliver a finding of fact that’s truthful while not compromising the interests of either party – whereas, of course, searching for the buyer and therefore the needs proposes. In simple words, their decision can be influenced by hard facts and each participants of the producing process are ready to get a transparent image of wherever they stand in this project.


3rd party inspections are generally performed by ISO 9001- certified corporations, and AQSIQ licensed (when the standard management company offers its services in China) with relevant expertise, trained and specialized groups on few or many product categories. Selecting the right 3rd party inspection supplier is a crucial step in guaranteeing thorough quality control within the interest of the end-consumer.

Will your company benefit from 3rd party inspections?

Most corporations think about 3rd party inspections a well-justified expense. They’re performed by corporations with a powerful experience, engaged on the ground daily. They supply a neutral opinion on the products quality and permit to keep a close eye on quality consistency on site while not having to be there.

This way, the buyers are totally aware even at distance, of the producing process, and might build a confident relationship with the supplier. Moreover, despite coming back at a price, TPIs find yourself saving you cash, and it helps you to avoid expensive errors or using an in-house QC team.

When you need 3rd party inspections?

  • Working with new suppliers
  • Identifying quality problems on-time
  • Repeated product quality problems (but we’d rather avoid to induce to the present conclusion and check the products for all shipments, at different stages of the production process – it’ll cost less than having to solve the problems with the provider on merchandise already shipped)
  • Purchasing premium items: high-end electronics, industrial equipment, etc.

If you need 3rd party inspection services, please feel free to contact us, we’d be glad to answer you A.S.A.P!

3rd Party Inspections

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