What is the guarantee of your inspection service?

This question is common for importers who are considering using inspection service at the beginning.

Real inspection service are our commitment!

We are a third party company, we provide inspection service. Our product is the professional report, against which you can make decision. Or you want to make sure your purchasing and as well as our experiences for manufacturer how to improve their producing and procedure. It is a contract if you are using our service and you would (are sure) have your own inspector inspect the goods when the shipment arrives at your own warehouse. Our inspection reports reveal any problems and sometimes potential issues (as our inspector are of expertise and with rich experiences in the field). Therefore our reports include not only result but our comment and our suggestion how to improve them and avoiding them in the future. Some well-known inspection companies do not involve as they think it brings risk to company as they think their inspectors are not professional enough, that is true.

Professional and expertise

We are professional and I fully understand reputation is the most important for our future. I have been working in SGS for five years. And then working in a British company as the QA manager for 6 years. I myself sometimes do inspections or audit our inspectors how to do it. Experienced inspectors are my partners and we share our own reputation. That is why I can say I can manage it well and provide our best inspection services. All the customers who using us are satisfied to our services, I can provide references if you require.
Further more, we take our responsibility to the findings which show on our reports. And the result does not release any of our responsibly or your supplier’s. You keep the right to claim compensation from your supplier and us, if you find differences or fault in your shipment against our report.

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