Performing inspection like playing mahjong,What is Playing mahjong Attitude?

If we work with the attitude of playing mahjong in China, there will be no work cannot be done well in the world, for example, performing inspection.

What is the attitude of playing mahjong, performing inspection?

  1. Always available at sb’s beck and call, never delay
  2. Never mind the working environment, always devote himself heart and soul to working;
  3. Always review his successes and failures, especiallyfailures,-I made mistake again!
  4. Never give up, scrap it and start all over again;
  5. Do the best to go a better direction whenever it is good or bad luck.
  6. Do the best whoever is the partner to work with;
  7. Never nitpick the tools on hand, use all smoothly;
  8. The most important is, never complain working too long.

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