How To Conduct Quality Control in China With Your Suppliers

In the past few years, some cases of poor quality control in China have raised question regarding how foreign firms can make sure that product they buy from China meet their requirements. Whereas Chinese firms typically manufacture products that are safe, it’s still essential that foreign firms conduct to ensure quality from Chinese suppliers. Here are some steps to ensure quality control in China when working with Chinese suppliers.

1) Visit the Factory personally for quality control in China

To visit the producing site you would like to purchase from is first step of quality control in China. Do not simply rely on information provided over the web. In addition, if you do visit thm, do not only visit the company’s offices but also their factory. Visiting the factory will make sure that the company is a legitimate business entity. And they make products as per your company’s standards.

The best is to send your own representative to visit the factory. Then the second is to hire a professional and credible agency to visit it on your behalf. The one who inspects the factory should have technical knowledge of the product and its producing process.

2) Check the Supplier’s Background

In addition to visiting the factory, your company should also request from the manufacturer references and case studies of its work with different foreign companies. By checking with its previous buyers you’ll be able to learn more about the standard of the company’s manufacturing process. And you’ll know if it is a company which will meet your company’s quality standards.

3) Communicate Standards

If your company has determined that the supplier has high quality standards, it is also necessary to be clear with them regarding your company’s specific standards. As a part of this process your company should develop and maintain a good relationship with the supplier. This relationship will make it easier for you to know each other’s business culture and to resolve issues just in case they arise. By building a relationship your company will feel comfortable doing business with the supplier, and they will clearly understand your company’s standards.

4) Monitor the producing process

Your company ought to have a staffer or qualified agency monitor the producing method personally to make sure quality, particularly if it’s your 1st time operating with the supplier. Even though you’ve got taken the above steps to ensure that company can meet and understand your company’s standards, you must operate on the principle of “trust, however verify”. And you should have someone on the ground to confirm that these standards are met. Additionally, by having someone on site you are able to resolve any issues that will arise during the producing process more efficiently than if you do not.


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