What Does an Independent Inspection Service Mean?

What does  independent inspection service mean?

Recently, I received an enquiry email from a client to ask many questions about inspection service. What impress me in his questions are his questions. It is normal for a client to have questions about inspection service and proceeding this service, but it is unique that a client asks so many questions about inspection theories to such a depth, that for some of which even some of service providers do not consider them.

Here are our conversations about independent inspection service:

Hi Solomon

Thanks for your email. Please refer to my answers below in blue. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

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I’m in the process of looking for an inspection service for my Goods prior to shipment in China.

I have the following questions. Can you please provide your best feedback?

    1. What is your inspection process? ***You just send me the basic info. for your order such as description, qty, specification, supplier contact, shipment date…, we will contact your supplier to arrange and perform the inspection. After the inspection in one working day we will send you the inspection report. You receive the report then you effect the payment to us. It is very simple, isn’t it?
    2. What are the different types of inspections? *** Initial Production check (check materials are correct or not), During Production check (10%-30% goods are finished), Final Random Inspection(also called Pre-shipment Inspection, goods are finished and packed)
    3. What is the most common inspection type? *** Final Random Inspection, and second is During Production check
    4. Do you recommend a full inspection or a sample inspection? Why? *** Final Random Inspection, because it reflects the quality levels and its cost is acceptable. Unless it is a special order.
    5. What is your pricing? *** USD198 per manday all inclusive.
    6. What are common accepted and unaccepted defect rates? ***AQL 0 for Critical defect, AQL2.5 for Major defects, AQL 4.0 for Minor defects, any of them beyond are unaccepted.

How does ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 work?

  1. How can a defect rate of the sample size be higher than that of the AQL and the lot still pass inspection?*** On one situation, the inspected result is Minor defects beyond AQL but the Major defects are very few, while we consider some of Minors as Majors result in both Minor and Major defects being within AQL. This is called Defect Upgrading. It is still subject to your final decision. Otherwise it is the problem of the inspector.
  2. Why is the defect rate not simply the number of defective units/number of units inspected?*** Because some of inspected samples may be found with more than one defect on( for example, one minor defect, and one major defect found on one single sample, see below)
  3. Is the defect rate the number of defects/number of units inspected or the number of defective units/number of units inspected? ***The number of defective units.
  4. How is a single unit that has multiple defects counted?*** Still counted as one defective sample with mentioning the most serious defect, while make a remark what percentage the inspected samples are with.
  5. What makes an inspection company/service better than others?*** You have asked many professional questions, even more professional than some ” so called professional inspector”. I think this question is a big one, it is not the inspection theories, in one word, it is the Heart of the inspection company’s owner and the inspectors.

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independent inspection service

Independent inspection service

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