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Real inspection is our commitment!

This question is common for importers who are considering using these services at the beginning.

We are a third party company, we provide services. Our product is the professional report, against which you can make decision. Or you want to make sure your purchasing and as well as our experiences for manufacturer how to improve their producing and procedure. It is a contract if you are using our service and you would (are sure) have your own inspector inspect the goods when the shipment arrives at your own warehouse. Our inspection reports reveal any problems and sometimes potential issues (as our inspector are of expertise and with rich experiences in the field). Therefore our reports include not only result but our comment and our suggestion how to improve them and avoiding them in the future. Some well-known inspection companies do not involve as they think it brings risk to company as they think their inspectors are not professional enough, that is true.

Professional and expertise

We are professional and I fully understand reputation is the most important for our future. I have been working in SGS for five years. And then working in a British company as the QA manager for 6 years. I myself sometimes do inspections or audit our inspectors how to do it. Experienced inspectors are my partners and we share our own reputation. That is why I can say I can manage it well and provide our best inspection services. All the customers who using us are satisfied to our services, I can provide references if you require.

Further more, we take our responsibility to the findings which show on our reports. And the result does not release any of our responsibly or your supplier’s. You keep the right to claim compensation from your supplier and us, if you find differences or fault in your shipment against our report.

Inspection types are selected by yourself!

We follow our customers requirement, You can choose the inspection types yourself. We usually perform Dupro (during production check), FRI(final random inspection) and loading supervision. Sometimes even doing in-line checking. We always suggest our customers to select solutions  for quality control especially for the first shipment. Some customers only require FRI for repeat orders or they think their supplier is reliable or trustable. We will give our suggestions if you send more info.

Check list

We check exactly against your specification, requirements and your contract. Sometimes the customer’s spec and standard is not so specific , then We inspect under our standard and SOP(standard Operation Procedure).  To give you a basic idea, we usually check quality(visual quality including some basic function test and basic tests can be done on site with our experience, If the testing involves content and composition, it is another service which provided by Labs, we are using some reliable Labs for testing) including Workmanship, actual quantities, colour assessment, hand feel, design and construction, dimension and measurement, weight, packaging, labeling and marks, odour and smell, drop test, basic function test, metal detection test etc. as our check list.

Inspection price list

Our latest simple all- in prices as below
For inspection that is USD 199 per man-day.

AiT Inspection Price List  ALL-IN price include:

Inspector’s transportation and meals
Inspection and recommendations
Report issuing and communication

Should an Inspection require more than 1 man-day to be completed, I will confirm the number of man-days with you before the Inspection takes place.

In one Man- day we can inspect 125 samples to 315 samples considering the items and the inspection process.

In some cases we quote with percentage system against total value. That is because the shipment is of high value, quantity is small or other special situations. For example machinery or bulk shipment, we usually quote X% of the total value plus reasonable traveling and hotel charges (if the charges occur).


We do not have our own Labs yet. In the case of lab testing is needed. we usually subcontract the testing to  liable and relevant labs such as university’s or relevant expertise.

Impartial inspection

Impartial inspection and impartial audit with impartial result is our mission, it is our unshirkable responsibility/duty.

More than that, we take full responsibility for our inspection result and inspection reports. For us and our working field, reputation is the most important.

Yes, all our inspection reports/document are writen in English.

Immediate response

We have formal agreement of service, in this case we will investigate if it is our fault. The customer can claim compensation from us and from the manufacturer. Our responsibility is limited in our contract. This conditions show very detail at our homepage. We always stress the importance of careful inspections/auditing for all our inspectors. And we have been well organized/managed.

Clients using or have used our services(Quality Control Inspection, Container Loading Supervision, Factory Audit, Inspection training, Textile Professional Training)

Ason Products Co., Ltd


Beat Concepts


Citycom LLC

Climate Technologies

Cycle & Angling Store


Dynamicty Pte Ltd

ESA International

Houseproud Pte Ltd

Investacast Ltd

JSC ” Atlant-Pacific”


Min Clothing


Precise Global Pty Ltd

Vitaland International Ltd

Yantai M and K Foods Co., Ltd

Inspection training only

Xiamen Smartex Garments & Bags CO.,LTD

client’s list

We are serving or have served all these clients, whose inspection order value varies from US$200 to US$30,000. Our services cover inspetion training for supplier and factory.

Yes, we can send you references upon receiving your request.