How to carry out cooking apron inspection?

Cooking Apron Inspection refers to the quality inspection of cooking aprons which are very common in garment inspections. It is the simplest garments therefore it is a good starter for new inspectors. A apron is a garment of cloth or leather or plastic or other material that is tied about the waist and worn to protect your clothing. A apron is only made of two parts, body and straps. Therefore you can say it is the simplest garment, because some [...]

The Challenges and Opportunities for 3rd party inspection service providers under novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

What are the challenges and opportunities for third party inspection service providers under novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic? The recent outbreak of novel coronavirus COVID-19 has introduced new challenges as well as opportunities to international business environment for third party inspection service providers. As crises and pandemics occur, appropriate preparedness and a proactive response can help your business navigate challenging times. New challenges to third party inspection service providers The first challenge is the inspection order numbers have been decreased greatly. Most of importers [...]

Stress Points Inspection in garments

Stress points inspection is to find out what areas should be reinforced with bar-tacking stitches or other ways in a garment and whether this has been properly done in a garment .It means the inspection to the stress points in a garment and whether they are all properly bar-tacked or reinforced with extra stitches. Stress points are the areas of a garment where normal wear will cause strain on the seams or fasteners. On a pair of jeans, for example, [...]

How to Inspect Labels in Garments?

Garment label inspection is the quality inspection to the labels attached onto the garment, that is an important part of the garment. A garment label refers to a piece of fabric that used to contain various types of information of that garments, such as buyer name, country of origin, types of fabric, types of yarn, fabric composition, garments size, special instruction about care etc., usually attached to the garment. Label is an important part of a garment. A label is [...]

How to inspect garment appearance?

Garment appearance inspection is the inspection to the general appearance of a type of garments. It is the first step inspection for a shipment therefore it is almost the most important. Garment appearance gets the general idea about a shipment if it is good enough or bad. It greatly influences the judgement to the shipment, of course the general result. So it must not miss anything in the inspection. Garment appearance must conform to available type sample, or design specification. [...]

Garments Collars Inspection

Garments collars inspection refers to the quality control inspection to the parts of collars of garments that they are in good quality. It is the inspection of material, size match as well as makes. Collar refers to the part of a shirt, coat, dress, blouse, etc., that encompasses the neckline of the garment and is sewn permanently to it, often so as to fold or roll over. However, sometimes it is upright and generally an integral part of the garment. Garments [...]

What are the points to inspect garments plackets?

Garments Plackets Inspection refers to the inspection to placket of garments that make good quality garments. In the garment industry, a placket refers both to a slit in clothing and to layers of fabric that may be used to conceal such a slit. While they can appear anywhere in clothing, the term is often used specifically to refer to the button down front of a jacket or blouse. A placket in a garment is usually at Zone A, one of the [...]

How to check garments hems?

Hem is an edge made by folding back the margin of cloth and sewing it down. Or the edge or border of a garment, drape, etc., especially at the bottom is called hem, according to definition of dictionary. Hems are usually at the end or bottom of garments parts like body, leg or cuff. Garments hems inspection is the inspection at the hemming parts of garments to make good quality garments. However, hems are easy with problems and obvious [...]

Garments zippers/Snaps/Rivets Inspection

Garments zippers inspection is to check the zippers are smoothly running and locking on where they are or not, as well as snaps and rivets inspection. So it is a QC step during production check to good quality garments manufacturing. Garments zippers inspection /Snaps/Rivets Inspection Zippers must conform to brand(YKK, SBS or OEM) and be first quality and non-rusting/non-corroding/colourfast. Must be fully operative, smoothly running and locking. Must not bulge or waver on tape when sewn. Zipper tape must be bar-tacking or backstitching. Snaps and [...]

Garments Buttons/button holes Inspection

Garments buttons inspection and buttonholes inspection are the quality control inspections through the checking of buttons and buttons holes to quality garments manufacturing.  A button is usually paired with a buttonhole or a loop, therefore they must match perfectly in size and placements. Otherwise it will cause gap at where they are. Garments buttons Garments Buttons inspection/button holes Inspection Buttons and button holes must be of proper placements, because misaligned buttons and buttonholes will cause gaps. Buttons must be securely fastened. Button holes must [...]