Silicone wedding ring inspection

Silicone wedding ring inspection is the visual inspection for rings and bands made from synthetic polymer, the non-metal wedding rings are the placements of standard wedding rings for the sake of safety. The inspection involves below aspects as: Silicone wedding ring inspection No white spots, black dots, cuts, cracks or other defects of the ring Proper ring sizing according to USA/European ring sizes Proper color/size/name/barcode/ring in the proper package The glow in the dark rings actually glow in the dark, the inspector can test [...]

Bamboo furniture inspection

Bamboo furniture inspection, like wood furniture inspection, both being made of natural material, should take notice of the feature of materials. Bamboo furniture inspection If the furniture is with varnish resin and natural colour, which is subject to the ages of bamboo. As the older the bamboo is, the darker of its colour would be. Therefore it is good to choose the bamboos between 2 years to 4 years. Laser etched logo/design should be in right position, it is important not to [...]

How to inspect Gift Set Inspection?

Gift set inspection is common in arts and crafts industry. Arts and crafts items belong to sundries and very often they are packed together with a few items in as a gift set, each of which is of different materials, therefore it is hard to perform the inspection with a solid criteria. More than that, the inspection unit is a set, not a piece, so the inspector must have a whole view of quality for the set instead of [...]

Tankini Top Inspection

Tankini Top Inspection, including measurement check, visual inspection for makes and workmanship to tankini top, is common in women’s swimsuit inspection service. Measurement Check Tankini Top Inspection REF POINT OF MEASUREMENT 1 1/2 chest circumference(straight measure from back) 2 1/2 waist circumference 3 1/2 hem circumference 4 CF length from underbust seam to hem 5 CB length 6 side length 7 neckline 8 cup side edge length 9 underbust length (curved) 10 inner strap length at front 11 front armhole 12 back strap length 13 distance between back straps 14 Front side panel length Visual Tankini Top Inspection Dart point MUST be in sample Must have bartack at strap adjustment and back loop; Pls ensure [...]

Skort Quality Inspection

Skort inspection, or short skirt inspection, is the quality inspection way to a special type of clothing named as skort. Skort, abbr. of short skirt, is a pair of shorts with a flap across the front (and sometimes also the back) to give the appearance of a skirt.The difference between skirt and skort is that skirt is an article of clothing, usually worn by women and girls, that hangs from the waist and covers the lower part of the [...]

How to Carry out Clothing Hangtags Inspection?

Hang tags, sometimes referred to as swing tags, are small tags attached onto clothes, having the information about the brand name, logo and origin, etc. are an excellent marketing tool and can help with quality as well as the “look” you want to portray. Generally, hang tags are made by paper, plastic, metal etc. hanging on the clothes by string, rope and metal chain etc. They are an important part of garment especially in retail markets. Therefore like garment [...]

How to perform Swimsuit Inspection?

Swimsuit inspection is a little bit more difficult than normal garment inspection because swimsuits are usually with more details. They have more aspects to inspect and more measurements to check. Therefore you may miss something unless you have more garment inspection experiences. Swimsuit inspection-makes and workmanship checklist Dart point MUST be in sample; Must have bartack at strap adjustment and back loop; Pls ensure that all the hardware are right materials; Hygiene sticker must be placed at the crotch; Pls ensure that all normal standard [...]

Cut resistant glove inspection

Cut resistant glove inspection needs to understand preventing cut levels. Basically there are two standards are commonly used in main markets. ANSI/ISEA 105 standard (2016 edition) glove rates A1 to A9, while A1 gloves are classified for protecting from lightest weight forces, ANSI Level 9 gloves are classified by preventing heaviest forces. It is important to note that the European standard is commonly used as well. The EN388 (European Standard) classifies their ratings similar to ANSI. But they have [...]

Fishing Face Mask Inspection

Fishing face mask inspection or fishing faceguard inspection is the same thing, refers to the inspection aspects to perform a visual inspection to fishing face masks or fishing faceguards. A fishing face mask is a simple garment worn on around head to protect wearer’s face getting hurt from sun and wind. It is not only a PPE but a fashion and popular among outdoor sporters. As you know, wearing fishing face masks has become a form of sun and wind [...]

Leather Shoes Inspection

Leather shoes Inspection service is one of quality control service AiT offers for the clients all over the world. Leather shoes are made out of different types of leather depending on the shoe. The quality of the shoe is often based on many things including the type of leather used. The main types of leather that shoes are made of are calfskin, veal, full grain side leather, nubuck, kidskin ,pigskin as well as artificial leather PU, PE, PVC etc. When [...]