How to find a good clothing inspector?

How to find a good clothing inspector? An America clothing company I know the boss for years. He admires my experience and expertise in clothing inspection but complain the cost till he got the comparison one time. He hired an inspector to carry out the pre-shipment inspection and received the report in time. The result was overall failed with major defects within but minor defects exceeding 2 of them, most of the minor defects are untrimmed thread ends, dirty [...]

Apparel Inspection Services in the whole process

What are the main questions during apparel inspection services?What are the apparel industry main process? Apparel importers usually have below questions for different stages. 1)      When will you send quality fabric samples for approval? 2)      When will bulk lab dips be sent for choosing? 3)      When will you send all printed and embroidery logos for approvals? 4)      Please confirm date for main label and care label visual for approval? Can you give me the content of main label and care label firstly? 5)       When will bulk fabrics [...]

Lad dips approving helps to quality of bag?

Why does approving lad dips not help to control quality of bag? Quality of bag is by colour, design, material and makes I do not know why some customers require to approve lab dips to control colour quality of bag? Because most lab dips are without any finishing. Even if customer has select the best colour among the lab dips, it surely will change a lot after waterproof finish and pvc coating finish. It causes confusion, as well as cost time(I think usually the factory [...]

Color Shade Variation in Chinese Fabric Inspection

How to improve and control color shade variation in Chinese fabric inspection? To avoid any misunderstanding, I clarify the correct concept and terms first as following: When we talk about color shade variation, we should have correct ideas. Color shade variation exists ever and forever, it is impossible to disappear. We just talk about how to control it to a limit and acceptable for clients. There is not two color exactly the same, just as there is no 2 leaves exactly the same. [...]

About Food Bag Inspection

What the difference is when you perform the of food bag inspection and of fashion bag inspection? I recently received a comment for shipping sample when client performed the food bag inspection. They are as many as 8 points as below: 4cm of foam missing on the top of the strap. Did you find this was the case during the inspection? Bar tacks for the straps are very loose, this would not be acceptable. Side panels are bigger than the zip, which is [...]

How to perform bag inspection made of tarpaulin?

When we perform bag inspection, we find that in recently year tarpaulin has become a popular material for bag, especially for thermal food bags or backpacks. As it is of easy wiping clean and waterproof quality, together with its low cost, tarpaulin will be more widely used in the bag industry. Therefore knowing how tarpaulin is produced is the first step of bag inspection which is made of it. The way for bag inspection making tarpaulin: 1.Three main kinds of raw [...]

How to do bag quality control of colour with lab dips?

How to do bag quality control of colour with lab dips? To do bag quality control better, I have been asked how lab dips are made for bags, and my answers are as below: Lab dips are made in the lab of dyeing factory. Actually different factory makes lab dips differently with different equipment for different material/fibres. As most of bag’s material is polyester, which is dyed under high temperature with high pressure. Basically below processes are necessary. Get a colour swatch or a [...]

How to do Shrimp Inspection?

Shrimp inspection includes several aspects such as Lot sampling carried out, Marks and Labels of product verification, Temperature verification and Organoleptic analysis. Lot sampling carried out: As Shrimp packages are usually of small package, 5 kg net and 10 kg net per carton are most common. As a result, one container can contain as many as 4500 cartons, half of it if the package is 10 kg per carton. With so many package units,  carrying out samples is the first step [...]

How to perform shoes inspection?

Shoes inspection sometimes is of more expertise than garment inspection. Shoes are part of fashion but they bear up all weight of the wearer. So the quality of shoes inspection is more important than that of garment’s. But shoes are never produced to last forever. Even well-made pairs will eventually show signs of wearing and tear with constant use. That doesn’t always mean the customer is to blame for any wear and tear or other problems with shoes. Just as garment manufacturers typically use a [...]

Fabric Quality Control -How to improve the colorfastness to light

Fabric Quality Control for some special markets is essential than for other ones. For example, Our customer in the Middle East area have complained colour fading in thermal bags. Therefore a colleague mentioned making a bag cover for bag. But to protect the thermal bags from fading to sunlight, therefore try to make a bag cover for it. I don’t think this is a good choice. 2 reasons:  The colour of the cover might fade too, dyeing mills say the [...]