Bonded fabric vs Foam laminated fabric

A bonded fabric is made from two fabrics adhered to each other. The backing fabric is usually a knit, while the face fabric may be of different type of fabric.

A foam laminated fabric usually consists of three layers adhered together: a face fabric, a middle foam layer, and a backing fabric usually tricot knit.

Both bonded fabric and foam laminated fabric results in increased shape retention and stability, and well as providing increased warmth. However foam laminated fabrics may have specially function such as waterproof and breathable as a result of the middle foam layer using.

Bonded fabric inspection vs Foam laminated fabric inspection

Bonded fabric inspection and Foam laminated fabric inspection should include the visual inspection and function tests. The visual part is usually performed on face fabric but that doesn’t mean the backing fabric isn’t important. The inspection of backing fabric or middle foam layer focus on their functions more. Therefore the testing of bonded fabric inspection and foam laminated fabric inspection may include

  1. Hydrostatic pressure
  2. Moisture-penetrability
  3. Peeling strength
  4. Shrinkage to wash
  5. Waterproof and water repellent
  6. Breathability
  7. Thickness
  8. Weight per square meter

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