How to Carry out Clothing Hangtags Inspection?

Hang tags, sometimes referred to as swing tags, are small tags attached onto clothes, having the information about the brand name, logo and origin, etc. are an excellent marketing tool and can help with quality as well as the “look” you want to portray. Generally, hang tags are made by paper, plastic, metal etc. hanging on the clothes by string, rope and metal chain etc. They are an important part of garment especially in retail markets. Therefore like garment labels inspection, clothing hangtags inspection is also an important part of garment quality inspection.

Clothing Hangtags inspection

There may be 3 types of Hangtags in a garment, Brand Tag, feature tag and price tag. Most of clients specify the sequence of all tags in specification. However, some don’t, if not, below Sequence of all tags is suggested by AiT with All tags should face up!

— Brand swing tag on the top

— Feature tag in the middle if applicable

— price ticket tag at bottom

Clothing Hangtags checklist

  • All tags in correct sequence, all tags face up
  • All tags are printed well, no missing, nor color stains etc.
  • Hangtags are attached securely onto clothing
  • Hangtags are not missingClothing Hangtags inspection

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