Third party testing of air conditioners

Gree Electric Appliances Inc has accused Aux Group of producing and selling substandard air conditioners. It seems this summer is heating by two air-conditioner manufacturers before the 6.18 shopping festival, which was created by e-commerce giant to celebrate its anniversary. From the announcements of both sides, we can see Gree has got enough evidences step by step, which shows they have prepared it with purposes, although they denied this themselves. So far, Gree has done 3 steps, to gather the evidences to be against Aux.
1. Gree has bought Aux products, to test them in their own testing facilities, to get some evidences.
2. Gree has sent some samples, to a third party testing agent, to get more evidences.
3. Gree takes apart Aux products publicly, to get direct evidences.

Third party testing agent role

The third party testing reports, surely will be presented to the regulator, are one of the most important evidences. Anyway, customers all will benefit from their battle.

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