How does a garment factory do a line check for QC?

I have visited many garment factories. Basically they can be classed into five categories, accordingly to their line check quality control management:

  • A line check manager goes up and down the rows of machine workers and check the bundle of work for any issues on make and stitch tensions.
  • The line check manager waits until the end of the bundle of work before checking the work.
  • The factory does have this kind of line inspection manager/QC check when clients are visiting it. And at the same time, he/she has other titles such as line head or headman.
  • The factory does not have a QC or line inspection manager at all, and does all the QC checking wait until the trimming and packing.
  • Nobody in the factory does the work of QC except the owner.

    How line check works

    If they work as 1 to 3, it is still a factory. It works, the quality is acceptable. Work as 4 to 5, it is only a workshop and the quality should be checked by QC department.

    line check

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