How to do Frozen Shrimps Inspection?

Frozen Shrimps inspection includes several aspects such as Lot sampling carried out, Marks and Labels of product verification, Temperature verification and Organoleptic analysis.

Lot sampling carried out:

As Shrimp packages are usually of small package, 5 kg net and 10 kg net per carton are most common. As a result, one container can contain as many as 4500 cartons, half of it if the package is 10 kg per carton. With so many package units,  carrying out samples is the first step to do the shrimp inspection. As the inspector could not stay long in the cold storage warehouse, then a forklift is very helpful for taking inspecting samples at random.

Frozen shrimps inspection taking samples

Frozen shrimps inspection taking samples

Marks and Labels of product verification:

As the could storage may have different goods, with different marks and labels on, actually the verification starts from taking samples. If the same goods has batches, then verify the dates of production.

Temperature verification:

Most of cold storage warehouse have electronic thermometers outside of the storage. But some of old cold storage still uses normal thermometer inside of it. In this case, remember to read the temperature figures before you go out of it.

shrimp inspection temperature

The key process of  frozen shrimps inspection

organoleptic analysis: This analysis includes exact weight of cartons-Gross weight check, exact weight of empty carton and polybag-tare weight check,  and exact weight of production-net weight check as well. Usually below aspects are necessary for shrimp inspection.

-Produced of shrimp type

-Should not have rotten (dark) heads

-should match the required sizes – real count in 1 kg Frozen weight = frozen count

-crystal and smooth glazing without sharp edges

-glazing as required

-color, appearance of the products

-shrimps can not be bound together

-should not have foreign smell

-whole shrimps should not be broken

-should not contain too much hoar-frost

-goods in fact should be the same as declared


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